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1. Noise - Use It | Free 
Use Noise to Reduce Banding and Add Texture FX

2. Noise - Lose It | Free 
Eliminate Noise at the Source

3. Noise - Lose It | Free 
Eliminate Noise at the Source

4. Reduce Noise With Adobe Camera Raw And Lightroom  | Free 
Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom both offer easy-to-use noise reduction controls...

5. Reduce Color Noise with Photoshop (12/10) | Free 
You can easily reduce the color component of noise using Photoshop.

6. Reduce Noise With Photoshop Filters| Free 
Despeckle, Dust & Scratches, Median and Reduce Noise...

7. Noiseware – Unequaled Noise Reduction Tool | Free
Noise happens. When you have it, there’s a lot you can do about it.

8. Multiple Exposures | Free
Make a bunch of exposures and watch the noise disappear.

9. Dark Slides | Free 
Some noise is random; some noise is fixed. Hot-pixel noise is fixed.