1. Defocus (9/07) | Free to Members
Ensure the foundations of your composition are strong.

2. Eyes Wide Shut (12/10) | Free
Expand your intelligence by tapping into your other senses.

3. Gesture (12/10) | Free
Add gesture to your process.

4. Get Physical With Your Subjects (08/10) | Free
To truly touch your viewers you may have to touch someone or something else first.

5. Walk With Someone (10/10) | Free
Walk with someone and photograph together. You'll see a different way of looking at the world.

6. 22 Ways to Find Inspiration (01/11) | Free 
How do I find inspiration?

7. Set Your Mission, Goals, Projects, Actions (01/11) | Free 
The plans you make are there to further your progress.

8. Using Props (7/12) | Free
Try using props in your images to stimulate many creative ideas.