1. Portfolio Reviews (3/05) | Free 
Identify the basic visual elements in your work.

2. Artist's Palette (6/07) | Free to Members 
Use a consistent palette to develop a signature style.

3. Artist's Statements (9/05) | .99 | Free to Members
Learn how to make the visual verbal, by crafting artist's statements.

4. Breaking the Rules (3/05) | .99 | Free to Members
Making and breaking rules is a creative act.

5. Take Inventory with Nouns (5/10) | Free
Make a list of all the things you see. Start with nouns, the things themselves.

6. Take Inventory with Verbs (5/10) | Free
After you identify the things in your environment, identify the actions taking place

7. Take Inventory of Your Associations (5/10) | Free
Identify the things happening outside you and take time to explore what’s going on inside.

8. Tell a Story Three Ways (5/10) | Free
Tell the story of your subject. Actually, tell three stories.

9. Listen To The Words You Use (08/10) | Free
You can learn a lot just by listening to yourself.

10. Doing It For The Love of Doing It (08/10) | Free
The word amateur comes from the Latin word amator (lover).

11. Make Your Inner Critic Useful (09/10) | Free
Your inner critic can be a terrible adversary or a powerful ally.

12. Engage Your Inner Coach (09/10) | Free
Energize yourself. Affirm your abilities. Set tangible goals.

13. Talk To Yourself (09/10) | Free
Talk to yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not crazy. We all do it.

14. Give Yourself Licence To Sing (09/10) | Free
What if we spontaneously sang more? Would we come to know our voices better?