Photographers On Photography

I have been fortunate to have had a number of wonderful conversations with many remarkable photographers. As a peer, I share a common experience and speak a common language that many people who speak with artists do not and this is reflected in the kinds of questions and answers that guide our way deeper into seeing.

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Amy Arbus (1/1/00)
Richard Barnes (9/1/99)
Richard Benson (1/1/97)
Barbara Bordnick (3/1/00)
Gary Braasch (8/5/09)
Christopher Burkett (9/1/97)
Harry Callahan (7/1/99)
John Paul Caponigro (12/1/05)
Paul Caponigro (5/1/95)
Keith Carter (1/1/00)
Brad Cole (7/1/98)
Tillman Crane (9/1/96)
Robert Farber (4/1/00)
Lee Friedlander (9/1/02)
Adam Fuss (5/1/03)
John Goodman (8/1/99)
Emmet Gowin (1/1/99)
R Mac Holbert (1/07)
Ryszard Horowitz (9/00)
Jim Hughes (10/1/98)
Gordon Hutchings (11/1/99)
Kenro Izu (1/1/98)
Christopher James (4/1/08)
Stephen Johnson (11/1/06)
Michael Kenna (11/1/98)
Sean Kernan (5/1/99)
Julieanne Kost (8/1/00)
Eric Meola (9/15/11)
Arthur Meyerson (7/1/06)
Richard Misrach (9/1/98)
James Nachtwey (6/1/00)
Elizabeth Opalenik (4/1/99)
Olivia Parker (8/1/97)
Moose Peterson (4/1/08)
Chris Rainier (8/1/98)
Edward Ranney (1/1/99)
John Reuter (5/1/98)
John Sexton (8/15/00)
Craig Stevens (4/1/98)
Jock Sturges (7/1/98)
Joyce Tenneson (11/1/91)
George Tice (7/1/97)
Jerry Uelsmann (11/1/97)
Cole Weston (5/1/00)
Huntington Witherill (5/1/97

Video Conversations

Sean Duggan
Steve Johnson
Sean Kernan
Arthur Meyerson
John Sexton
Joyce Tenneson
Huntington Witherill