Fine Art Workflow

Make sure you get the best quality from your digital files and prints, every time.

A Fine Art Workflow differs from high productivity workflows.
You should be able to choose either one, depending on your current needs.

A Fine Art Workflow maximizes quality. It doesn’t cut corners and delivers the ultimate precision and power.
A Fine Art Workflow is efficient. Some standardization can get you higher quality and give it to you faster.
A Fine Art Workflow is flexible. Learn how to create an optimum non-destructive file structure.
A Fine Art Workflow evolves. Know when to make changes in your routines and when not to.

Topics include ...
-   Frame a Destination and Use a Preflight Checklist
-   Make Global Changes Before Local Changes
-   Adjust Color in This Order – Luminosity, Hue, Saturation
-   Use Blend Modes for Precision
-   Break Sharpening Into Three Stages – Input, Creative, Output
-   Softproof and Proof Before Making Final Prints

All workflows are dynamic. They evolve as technolgy evolves and as your vision evolves. Learn today’s state of the art workflow and set a strong foundation for your future.

All Levels
1-2 hours

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