Noise – Use It & Lose It!

Control noise in your images. Use it. Lose it.
Learn how using the latest camera and software techniques.

Topics include ...

-   What Noise Is and Where It Comes From
-   3 Types of Noise
-   Eliminating Noise During Exposure - Single Exposures
-   Eliminating Noise During Exposure – Multiple Exposures
-   Reducing Noise During Conversion Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom
-   Reducing Noise With Adobe Photoshop
-   Reducing Noise with Plug-Ins Like NoiseWare
-   How to Simulate Noise
-   How Noise Can Improve Sharpness
-   Using Noise as a Creative Effect

Make sure your images have the right amount of noise - no more and no less. All Levels
1-2 hours