John Paul Caponigro Digital Photography Workshop Philosophy


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust

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It's a R/Evolution

Think Different, Shoot Different

We're living through a R/Evolution. There's been more change in photography in the last 10 years than in its entire history. Today the possibilities for photographic image-making appear limitless. You can make photographs in new ways and energize your creative process. Put it all together and gain the perspective you need to gain maximum benefit from these recent advances in this digital photography workshop.

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Free Yourself

Break the Rules, Break Your Rules

Free yourself. List all of the rules of photography. And break them - systematically. If you do this, you’ll develop a better understanding of the medium. Then, list all of your rules of photography. And break them - systematically. You’ll find either confirmation that what you’re doing is right for you or you’ll make new breakthroughs. Awareness brings choice. More choices leads to better choices. Better choices leads to better results.

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Be Versatile

Try New Things, Learn New Skills

Learn new digital imaging skills - merges, hdr merges, painting with light, panoramic stitches, extending depth of field, creative focus effects, and more.

Learn new ways of interacting with your subject - select the scene from an unfolding event, set the stage for an impending drama, or create a new drama.

Learn to see in new ways - previsualize, postvisualize, or visualize.

Learn to see your work in new ways - valuable editing skills will help you find your best work and organize it to create a roadmap for successful presentation and identifying your next steps.

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Use All of You

Use Skills You Already Have in New Ways

Everyone is creative. And everyone can learn to be even more creative. You can write. You can draw. You can move. You may not think you can. You may be comparing yourself to professional writers, painters, and dancers/actors. But, you can do all of these things. You'll experience powerful results when you put them all together. Did you know you already possess all of these skills and they can be used to energize your creative process and help you find your unique vision? Find out how in this digital photography workshop.

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Tell Your Story

Uncover Your Authentic Voice

This week is about uncovering and empowering your authentic voice. You're unique. This time in the world is unique. These things have never happened before. So, to make unique work, all you have to do is tell your story. No one knows what that story is until you discover it. There are many kinds of stories and lots of ways to tell them. You'll find an optimum balance for you. You can do this guided by a master in a supportive community of like-minded but diverse creative people. It will be a complete immersion for everyone. The most important thing to bring is an open mind.

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You're Different

Every Workshop is Different

Reviews of your work begin, focus and guide during, and conclude the week.

Readings, demonstrations, and exercises will inspire your individual explorations.

Specific assignments are customized for individuals.

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Get Ready

Find Out What You Need

An open mind, and curiosity are the primary requirements for this week.

Participants need a digital camera, portable computer, and Photoshop or Lightroom.

A basic comfort level with Photoshop or Lightroom is required.

More advanced photography and digital imaging software skills are a plus.

The more you bring to the event, the more you'll take away.



Become a Part of a Community

When you take a workshop you become a part of a community. You discover how much you have to learn from others - and how important that is. You also discover how much you have to give to others - and how good that feels. You can stay in touch with people who have similar shared experiences and interests.

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Learn From Others

Share the Experience

"The people, the places, the fun, the enrichment, the experience, the growth, the eating together, the getting to know each other..." Barbara Myriam Ventura
"I learned more about how to move my photography forward in 5 days at JPs workshop than I learned in the previous 5 years." Kieron Monahan

"... in 4 days you turned me into an artist ... I've gone from being a writer with a photography hobby to a photographer with a writing hobby." Sam Kirsch

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